Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 12

The Plan:

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch: salad with grilled chicken & bit of olive oil
Dinner: Probably more grilled chicken & salad with an avocado thrown in for giggles
Snacks: pear, plum

Yesterday I stayed right on target. Except I forgot to bring my olive oil to work so the salad was without.

Last night my mother was questioning me about what you can eat on the Whole 30. I told her what was on plan and told her what was not.

Mom: What about milk?
Me: No dairy
Mom: What about wraps?
Me: No grains
Mom: What about yogurt?
Me: No dairy
etc, etc
Mom: Well what can I eat?
Me: Beef, chicken, seafood, veg minus beans & white potatos, fruit, nuts minus peanuts, seeds, healthy oil, I can't list everything, Ma.
Mom: I'll think about it.

The last few days I have read and heard so many excuses as to why a person couldn't possibly do the Whole 30. It's too restrictive, I have to have yogurt, I travel, I have to eat every ten minutes, you can't possibly eat like that forever, I need cream & sugar in my coffee, it's too many carbs, too much meat, blahblahblah.

I think part of the problem is people can over think things. It's not rocket science. Stop making it so difficult. There is a crapton of food that can be eaten; stop focusing on the food that can't be.

It's thirty days. Not forever, just thirty days. Thirty days that may change your life. Or thirty days that may be torture. Either way it's just thirty days.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 11

Day 11 plan:
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch: salad with grilled chicken
Dinner: Salad, grilled chicken, and avocado
Snacks: pear & plum (more likely 2 plums as they are super ripe and juicy)

Norma commented on my last post that it sounds like I feel good. You know what, I do. I am actually enjoying the Whole 30. I like eating things that don't have ingredients. I don't even miss yogurt and believe me, I didn't think that would be the case. After the first few days, it has become (dare I say it?) easy to eat like this.  And it is really nice to not count calories.

I hope I don't screw it up.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 10

One third of the way through the Whole 30. On Sunday I decided to go all in and stop counting calories. 

Today's plan:
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch: salad with grilled chicken, olive oil
Dinner: homemade hamburger, avocado, salad
Snacks: pear, plum

When I started changing my life style on February 27 my jean size was 28. (Someone smack me if I head for that size again.) Several weeks ago (right around Mother's Day) my pants were falling off my body. The new ones? Size 24. Last night I took my size 24s off without unbuttoning/unzipping them. I knew I had a couple size 22s in the back of the closet, what the hell, let's try them. I grabbed a pair of size 22s, pulled them on, zipped, and buttoned them! Still a bit too uncomfortable and muffin-toppy to wear but in another week or two they will be fine. I can't wait to shop in the normal size stores.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Days 5 - 9

It has been a crazy few days.

Day 5 (Friday)- Hey things got switched up a little!
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken
Dinner: Three eggs with peppers and onions
Snacks: pear & plum

We were going to grill london broil but it was pouring rain so we went with breakfast for dinner.

Day 6 (Saturday)
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs

Did I tell you my mother had to have surgery for a detached retina? Well, she did. Did I tell you it didn't take and they had to do it again? Well, it didn't and they did. She can't see so she can't drive. My dad took her to the grocery store and I volunteered to take her to Costco. I deserve a medal. I go to the store with a plan. I want to be in and out quickly. My mother goes with a general idea of what she wants and goes up and down every mother freaking aisle checking out everything.  Then she wants a hotdog and gets my girls hotdogs. Now they have just sampled their way through Costco, they aren't hungry but Nana insists on the hotdogs. I said get one, they can share, knowing damn well they aren't going to eat it. She gets them each their own and sure as shit, neither of them finishes even half of the thing.

We take her to her house to unload where I have some grapes. It was the only thing there I could eat. So that was lunch.

Dinner: london broil, salad, avocado
Snack: plum

Oh yeah, Saturday was our 11th anniversary. Yay us, haven't killed each other yet.

Day 7 (Sunday)
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch: grilled chicken breast, pear
Dinner: London broil, salad
Snack: pear

Sunday night around ten my intestines decided to stage a revolt. They proceeded to fight until 4:00 Monday morning. They won.

Day 8 (Monday)
Late afternoon: small pear
Evening: a couple slices of London broil
That was all I was really up to

Day 9 (Tuesday, today)
Feel pretty good today, just a little tired.
Breakfast: 2 hb eggs
Lunch: salad, grilled chicken
Dinner: burger, salad, avocado
snacks: pear, plum

That's the plan anyway.

I have a few more things to tell you but this is longer than usual so I will wait for tomorrow.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day Five: Early in ther Day Edition

It is earlier than I usually post but I have a minute now.

Let's just figure my food will be exactly the same as yesterday except for breakfast. Usually I have two hard boiled eggs. Today I had three. I was really hungry this morning!

Last night I said I had avocado with dinner. I really didn't. I cut the avocado up and then threw it in the freezer. Weird I know, but the avocado had been on the counter and I prefer it to be on the cooler side. I threw it in the freezer and proceeded to prep the rest of dinner. This morning I went into the freezer and there was my little plate of avocado, frozen solid. Duh.

I need some opinions (not because I can't think for myself but I value the knowledge and advice of those who are ahead of me in fitness). The Whole 30 recommends not counting calories:

Your only job for the next 30 days is to focus on making good food choices. You don’t need to weigh or measure, you don’t need to count calories, you don’t need to stress about organic, grass-fed, pastured or free range. Just figure out how to stick to the Whole30 in any setting, around every special circumstance, under any amount of stress… for the next 30 days. Your only job? Eat. Good. Food.

It also says not to weigh or measure:

One last and final rule. You are not allowed to step on the scale or take any body measurements for the duration of the program. This is about so much more than just weight loss, and to focus on your body composition means you’ll miss out on the most dramatic and lifelong benefits this plan has to offer. So, no weighing yourself, analyzing body fat or taking comparative measurements during your Whole30. (We do encourage you to weigh yourself before and after, however, so you can see one of the more tangible results of your efforts when your program is over.)

I pretty much threw the first one out the window. I am counting calories. I do not trust myself yet to be able to eyeball food and determine appropriate portion sizes. Although I find I am eating a lot of food and it is in the 1200- 1300 calorie range.

To weigh or not to weigh? What do you think? Part of me is slightly panicky at not weighing. This is how I determine if I've gone off the rails.

The other part of me knows that if I continue sticking to the Whole 30 I will lose weight. It is not possible that a 269 pound woman that eats 1200-1300 calories will fail to lose weight, no matter what the Trainwrecks say. It would be cool to get on the scale in July and see a much lower number rather than a couple here and there.

I am undecided, what say you?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Days 3 & 4

Food for the 2 days is pretty much identical.

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch: salad with grilled chicken, olive oil & vinegar with oregano, pear
Dinner: salad with grilled chicken, olive oil & vinegar with oregano, avocado
Snack: pear, 2 plums (Today was probably more like 1 & 1/4 plums as my 2 littles wanted to share.)

I know I eat basically the same things every day but I am really ok with it.  I like those things. When I get tired of them I'll switch to something else.

I don't really detail the salad ingredients. Any of the following can be included and usually equals around 100 calories: romaine, spinach, tomato, cukes, peppers, red cabbage, carrots,celery and whatever else you might throw in a salad.

I have a crapton of homework (and blogs to read) so I'll leave it here for now.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 2 of 30

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch: Salad with turkey
Dinner: Hamburger with mustard, salad, an avocado
Snack: plum

We took the kids to the boardwalk tonight. We usually go on the last day of school to avoid the summer tourist crowd. It rained the last day of school so we pushed it off to today. The girls had a great time. The 4 year old was so cute laughing and waving and yelling "hi" every time whatever ride she was on came around. Thankfully the 21 year old likes rides so she takes the 9 year old on all those rides that make me want to puke. Ken used to take ride duty but since the surgery that's not possible any more. (Brief detour: last year the 21 year old was away, Ken hadn't had surgery yet so he  did most of the rides. He asked me to take her on one. I didn't fit. Total fucking embarrassment.)

Then we got soft serve cones. Rather, the girls got soft serve cones. I didn't even "help" the 4 year old with the dripping down the side. Victory!

When we got back I grilled up a couple of burgers for Ken & I. Thankfully we are a plain beef, no stuff added, burger kind of people so I didn't have to worry about them being ok for the Whole 30. What I did have to stop myself from doing was putting ketchup (and cheese) on it.  It is interesting to see how many things have sugar and chemicals added to them. Being mindful is the name of the game.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Day One of Thirty

Day one- complete

Today went well. I had one oh shit moment when I realized I can't use my favorite salad dressing. I don't use very much so it was not a big deal to leave it off; I just hadn't thought about it.

Now I'm not a morning person. Of course I have to get up, I have kids and a job, there's no getting around the early wake up. I'm up but not quite functioning so I don't eat breakfast until I get to work. Breakfast was my usual couple of hard boiled eggs. Fifteen minutes after eating them I decided I would still be chewing gum during the Whole 30. Trust me- it's for the best.

Lunch- salad, 3oz turkey breast, pear
Dinner- salad and 6oz chicken breast
Snack- pear, plum, 2oz raisins, 1oz walnuts

For the last sixteen weeks I've had between 1200 and 1800 calories a day. I very rarely eat bread or pasta. I haven't eaten any rice or potatoes. I shared a bottle of Prosecco with my sister-in-law on Memorial Day weekend but hadn't had any booze for months prior to that. I didn't have much in the way of sweets, not even cake on my kids' birthday. So why the hell did I crave (and I mean crave) every bad thing today? My mind was seriously screwing with me. I told that bitch to stfu and continued on. Bizarre.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ending and Beginning

The Ending:

The Allan Challenge ended Friday. I had hoped to hit the 50 pound loss mark. I started the week 48 pounds down, on Thursday I was 49.5 down and figured I'd hit 50 on Friday. Yeah. No. Friday I was back to 48 down and have stayed that way through today (Sunday).

Here's the numbers:

Weight: 317 to 269 -  48 pound loss, 15.15% loss
Waist: 52.5 inches to 47 - 5.5 less
Hips: 55.5 inches to 52 - 3.5 less
Chest: 48 inches to 45 - 3 less
Right thigh: 32.5 inches to 29.5 - 3 less
Left thigh:32 inches to 29 - 3 less
Right arm: 19.5 inches to 16.5 - 3 less
Left arm: 18.5 inches to 15.5 - 3 less

Still obese but heading in the right direction. Which brings me to...

The Beginning:

Tomorrow I am starting the Whole 30. I am curious to see what happens. I've lost an average of three pounds a week for the last sixteen weeks. I'm still pretty fat so three pound/week over the next thirty days is totally possible. I am going to continue with the minimal exercise I do so I can compare with the last few weeks. I know, any excuse to avoid exercise. That will be my next "quit yer bitchin" challenge.

I hit the stores and am all stocked on salad greens, vegetables, fruit, and eggs. Also got a good deal on a couple pounds of shrimp and manager's special on some no additive, organic chicken sausage.  I don't have to worry about beef or chicken breast as we buy them in bulk. Last month we picked up a hindquarter of beef and forty pounds of chicken breasts. At the end of July/ beginning of August we'll pick up a 4H pig and split it with my brother's family. You'll never eat nasty ass store bacon once you've had this no crap added, smoked bacon.

I am undecided on whether or not I'll keep chewing gum. I'll see how tomorrow goes and then decide. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Valid Concerns or Whiny Excuses?

I'm considering doing the Whole 30. You know- eat meat, veg, fruit, healthy fats, seeds, and nuts. Don't eat sugar or substitutes, legumes, dairy, grains, processed foods.

I am curious after reading Norma's experiences with it. She didn't notice too much difference because she ate pretty much like that anyway. She had to give up brown rice, quinoa, greek yogurt, and peanut butter, all of which she ate in moderation. (Did I get that right, Norma?) All in all, no big changes for her.

When I started changing my eating habits at the end of February I cut out bread, pasta, and rice because the calories weren't worth it to me. And unlike many fat people out there, I am not a fan of peanut butter. So I do have those things going for me.

On the other hand, I eat Dannon Light & Fit as if the safety of the planet depended on my consumption. I have cut back on Diet Coke with Lime but still drink it almost daily. I chew Dentyne Arctic Ice all of the time. I love cheese. I mean, seriously love it.

I did some reading today while I should have been working (bad employee). I googled around and read other people's experiences with the Whole 30. The thing that concerns me is the possible brain, sleep, headache type stuff people said they experienced. I am ass deep in four summer classes. I can't be off my game for any period of time or I'll be well and truly screwed.

I think this is a valid excuse in that I do need my head in working order. Then again, would the subsequent (hoped for) improvement in energy make up for the initial low period?

Should I wait until August 25 when my classes end or should I start Saturday (Allan's Challenge ends Friday)?

What do you guys think? Am I being a just being a whiny bitch? What would you do?

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Sixteen weeks, forty eight pounds down. I'll take that.

The Allan Challenge ends Thursday (I think, I'll have to check, not even sure it's still going on). I want to lose two more by Thursday so I can end with a nice 50 pound loss.

We went to the wake for our neighbor yesterday. It was pretty hard for Ken. You see, he and J had a bond with the whole cancer thing. They understood each other in a way others just can't. They could talk to each other and get it. I used to joke that she was his girlfriend. I know her death made him wonder about his own situation.

As hard and terrible as it was, there was a bright spot.  J, her daughter and I play bunco with a group of  woman. Why, yes, I am the cliche of fat, middle aged, bunco playing mom. After Ken got sick I dropped out of the regular group, it was just too much with school, work, kids, etc. Now I just sub when they need me. The last time I subbed was January and I started the healthy living on February 27. Every single person commented on how great I looked. Let me tell you, as shitty as the reason for seeing everyone, it was fantastic to get complimented! My husband is super supportive but he sees me every day and we all know that you don't see it when you are with someone every day.

Everyone wanted to know how I did it. I told them it was counting calories and eating clean, nutritious food with some exercise thrown in. A few of them actually said "I tried that, it doesn't work for me, I just can't count calories" I may have pulled a muscle trying not to roll my eyes.

Funny, how things have changed.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good News, Bad News

The Good:
Went to my endocrinologist yesterday. My thyroid levels are right on target. Hooray! The doctor is very happy with my weight loss. He wants to see me in six months because if I lose more weight they might have to adjust my Levothyroxine down (for a change).

The Bad:
My next door neighbor, who happens to be my best friend's mother, who my kids call grandma, died late last night. She had been fighting cancer and was not doing well. I just didn't think she would be gone so soon. We did not tell the littles yet, we're going to wait for the nine year old to get home from school. She is going to be devastated.