Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm Here

Quickie update:

Still here, tax season sucks, have another head cold turned sinus infection but everything else is pretty good.

Today I weighed in at 277. Last weigh in was Saturday February 9 at 288. Eleven pounds down in just over two weeks. I'll take it. That brings me back to 40 down total. Still regaining ground but feeling strong and confident.

See you the next time Norma reminds me to post ;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crazy Train

Quick, posssibly grammatically incorrect post.

I passed my last two classes. B+ in both. I am a college graduate!! Now to find a new job.

I am just starting to get back to normal after that whole head/throat sickness. I completely lost my voice, had a crapton of snot everywhere and missed four days of work. Yeah, felt like complete crap. Still a bit clogged and hoarse but I can deal with it.

Blogging and commenting are at an all time low. Reason one: my oldest daughter's laptop crapped out on her. Since I am done with school, she took mine back to college with her. Hopefully I will regain custody in May. I have to share the desktop with the husband and two other kids. Well, the two kids don't do much on it. Although my four five (since Saturday) year old is hooked on Yo Gabba Gabba YouTube videos. She likes the music but not the rest of the show so this works for her.

Reason two: tax season. I read your blogs, I just don't have the time to comment much. I read as a little break from the numbers. So here are some comments:
Enz- hope your shingles are getting better.
Jenn- that was a crazy list of bloodwork results. I know you'll make the right decisions.
RaeRaeJ- the 160s are right around the corner, I know it!
Leah- can't wait to see your makeover video!
Maren- sorry to hear about your trouble.
Lyn- pick one thing and stick to it.
SB- bulky idling- love it
Diane- I love your thought provoking posts
Norma- Glad things are getting back to normal up there. Bad weather sucks.
Jeanette- I hope those damn painters finish today! Hang in there.
I know I have forgotten so many people and I'm sorry. I am reading and cheering you on (or rolling my eyes at you).

Ok, onto the weight front. Complete suckage and gainage for a while. Then a couple of days ago my husband said something that changed things. I was looking for something to eat. He put his arms around me and said, "Are you giving up?" He flinched and tried to change it around to something else. My first thought was "Why you mother fuck...Ah shit, I hate it when he's right." So we had a talk about what was going on in my head (I'll tell you some other time, I've got to get back to work), what I wanted and needed and was just generally reminded how awesome my husband is. Now we are stocked up with great, clean food, a plan, and a renewed spirit.

I don't know why I do this shit to myself. Well, actually I do know why, I don't know why I don't stop doing it. So here I am. Saturday I weighed 288.5. Today was 286. Heading back down. Damn, that was hard saying for what? the fourth? time in a year that I screwed up. I don't want to be an eye roll, head bang inducing trainwreck. Fifth time's the charm.

Have to jump back on the mother fucking crazy train to taxland.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Need Sleep

I have been sick since Sunday night. I mean go to a doctor, missed work four days sick. Trust me, that's sick.

But I managed to submit the last assignment for the last class for my degree! Final paper worth 40% (crazy) of my grade. Let's hope I pass and can graduate.

I just want to go to bed. Maybe I'll even sleep.