Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One Pound

Start weight- 317
Sunday's weigh in- 275
This week- Lost one pound
Total loss- 42 pounds

I managed to have a one pound loss instead of a three pound gain like I thought mid-week.

Have to catch up on everyone's blogs, I took a relatively computer free weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

End of Term

The Bossman went to lunch so I thought I would pop on and say hi. 

My classes end this week and there are papers to be written and hair to be pulled out.  Then I get a whopping five day break before starting the next round.

The good news is: the next round is the last round. I have four classes left to take and I decided to just bang them out over the summer.  One ends July 31, the other three end August 25.  It is going to be tough taking so many classes, working full time, and trying to do a couple of fun things with the kids during the summer. Aside from just wanting to be done, taking all the classes now will mean saving some money. I have a comprehensive tution plan that lets me take up to 36 credits a year for one price. If I don't take them now I will have to either 1) take extra classes to maintain full time status and qualify for financial aid or 2) pay for it out of pocket. Since the pockets are empty and I don't want to take bullshit classses just to be full time, and I don't want this to take another year- I am taking four classes over the summer.

Did that make any sense to you?

On the fat front:
I was up two pounds this morning. No excuses. I am going to bust my ass so Sunday's (my "official" day) weigh in is a loss. I wanted to say a maintain, but why not aim higher? Always aiming low is just going to bring low results. So- aiming for a loss this Sunday.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thinking Like a Fat Girl

I let the fat girl do my thinking earlier in the week.

Losing Bernice threw me for a loop, I really did not expect to have to make that decision. I really just thought she had a virus or allergies or something relatively easy to deal with. It was awful.

I was sad, depressed, and trying to hold it together for the kids. I ate ziti. Then I ate pretzels. Then I stopped myself with a "wtf do you think you're doing?" It's scary how easy it was to slip right into carbing it up in a vain effort to feel better, or rather, to not feel at all.

Tuesday I rode the Schwinn Airdyne stationary torture machine. And by torture I mean boredom. Even with a previously unseen Big Bang Theory on the tube I was B O R E D.  I rode 6.4 miles in a half an hour. I repeated this last night. Tonight my ass is killing me. Not my calves or thighs or arms from the moving handlebars- my ass.

After reading some stuff Norma, Susie and others have posted regarding weight/strength training, I know I need to do this kind of exercise. Mother's Day is coming and the go to gift of chocolate truffles are completely off limits. I will be "suggesting" to my husband that the girls could get me a kettlebell and some hand weights.

The Fit Girl is going to be doing the thinking around here.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Alien dog will control your mind!

On Friday we found out Bernice had congestive heart failure. The vet said she was in pain and the end was inevitable. We had to do what was best for her.

Man, I miss her.
Enjoying outside

His baby