Saturday, January 19, 2013

Yeah, Happy New Year

Didn't realize I haven't posted since Christmas Eve. Things have been really friggen crazy.

Work has been insane. I had to do a crapload of year end payrolls, W2s, 1099s and the like. Now sales tax is due.  Followed up by a ton of bookkeeping just in time for tax season to really ramp up. My boss is a total asshole and has been proving it on a near daily basis.

I am down to crunch time with the college stuff. I have to have all work done by January 31. I have so much to do and am completely stressing out over it. Anyone want to write a ten page case study on their workplace for Managerial Communications? Not your cup o tea, how about ten pages on organizational behavior? No takers? I don't blame you. I am so close to the end but I am so burnt out I can barely function.

We went to the end of our street for the first time since the big storm. The bridge was opened last week to general traffic not just residents. I should have stayed home. It was fucking awful. From the top of the bridge you could see the ocean. You never could before because there were houses there. Those houses are just gone. Other houses are collapsed on themselves. The debris and destruction nearly three months later is astounding. I cried to see these houses and neighborhoods I have lived near my whole life just destroyed, hell, just fucking gone. It was terrible.

My nine year old fell down the stairs at school. She went down on her belly and just grazed her head. The nurse thought she was fine but said we should keep an eye on her. She was just fine. Problem is our COBRA insurance ran out a week ago Wednesday. Private insurance policy is much more expensive than what we had under the COBRA. I wasn't expecting it to be more because how the hell could it be more? Well, it is and we can't afford it. Thankfully, the old man has been on Social Security disability long enough that he started medicare on January 1. The kids & I have nothing right now and I have such a shit feeling in the pit of my stomach over it. In March we have the evaluations for her possible cerebral palsy so I have to pull a fucking rabbit out of my hat soon.

I am having a terrible time with feelings of depression and anxiety. I know what I need to do but just don't do it. Exercise is non-existent but that's nothing new. Eating has been shit. Not complete shit because I don't keep much shit in the house but I have been eating way too much. Not making excuses just stating the facts.

Not exactly a happy place here. I am reading all your blogs but not commenting much. Contrary to the verbal vomit above, I just don't have a whole lot to say.

You sure you don't want to write a paper for me?