Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm Here

Quickie update:

Still here, tax season sucks, have another head cold turned sinus infection but everything else is pretty good.

Today I weighed in at 277. Last weigh in was Saturday February 9 at 288. Eleven pounds down in just over two weeks. I'll take it. That brings me back to 40 down total. Still regaining ground but feeling strong and confident.

See you the next time Norma reminds me to post ;)


  1. Great update, Beth.
    Good luck getting through tax season.

  2. I'm going to check in you every week just to make sure you're not trapped under a pile of tax documents and calculator tapes... ;) NICE LOSS, BITCH!!! :)

  3. 11 lbs - way to go!! So thrilled for you :) and glad to hear you are doing well. Thanks for checking on me :) It means alot.
    There's stuff going on that I don't want to put on my blog. If you like, shoot me an email at and I'll respond.

    Take care of YOU.