Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Days 5 - 9

It has been a crazy few days.

Day 5 (Friday)- Hey things got switched up a little!
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken
Dinner: Three eggs with peppers and onions
Snacks: pear & plum

We were going to grill london broil but it was pouring rain so we went with breakfast for dinner.

Day 6 (Saturday)
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs

Did I tell you my mother had to have surgery for a detached retina? Well, she did. Did I tell you it didn't take and they had to do it again? Well, it didn't and they did. She can't see so she can't drive. My dad took her to the grocery store and I volunteered to take her to Costco. I deserve a medal. I go to the store with a plan. I want to be in and out quickly. My mother goes with a general idea of what she wants and goes up and down every mother freaking aisle checking out everything.  Then she wants a hotdog and gets my girls hotdogs. Now they have just sampled their way through Costco, they aren't hungry but Nana insists on the hotdogs. I said get one, they can share, knowing damn well they aren't going to eat it. She gets them each their own and sure as shit, neither of them finishes even half of the thing.

We take her to her house to unload where I have some grapes. It was the only thing there I could eat. So that was lunch.

Dinner: london broil, salad, avocado
Snack: plum

Oh yeah, Saturday was our 11th anniversary. Yay us, haven't killed each other yet.

Day 7 (Sunday)
Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch: grilled chicken breast, pear
Dinner: London broil, salad
Snack: pear

Sunday night around ten my intestines decided to stage a revolt. They proceeded to fight until 4:00 Monday morning. They won.

Day 8 (Monday)
Late afternoon: small pear
Evening: a couple slices of London broil
That was all I was really up to

Day 9 (Tuesday, today)
Feel pretty good today, just a little tired.
Breakfast: 2 hb eggs
Lunch: salad, grilled chicken
Dinner: burger, salad, avocado
snacks: pear, plum

That's the plan anyway.

I have a few more things to tell you but this is longer than usual so I will wait for tomorrow.

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