Sunday, June 10, 2012


Sixteen weeks, forty eight pounds down. I'll take that.

The Allan Challenge ends Thursday (I think, I'll have to check, not even sure it's still going on). I want to lose two more by Thursday so I can end with a nice 50 pound loss.

We went to the wake for our neighbor yesterday. It was pretty hard for Ken. You see, he and J had a bond with the whole cancer thing. They understood each other in a way others just can't. They could talk to each other and get it. I used to joke that she was his girlfriend. I know her death made him wonder about his own situation.

As hard and terrible as it was, there was a bright spot.  J, her daughter and I play bunco with a group of  woman. Why, yes, I am the cliche of fat, middle aged, bunco playing mom. After Ken got sick I dropped out of the regular group, it was just too much with school, work, kids, etc. Now I just sub when they need me. The last time I subbed was January and I started the healthy living on February 27. Every single person commented on how great I looked. Let me tell you, as shitty as the reason for seeing everyone, it was fantastic to get complimented! My husband is super supportive but he sees me every day and we all know that you don't see it when you are with someone every day.

Everyone wanted to know how I did it. I told them it was counting calories and eating clean, nutritious food with some exercise thrown in. A few of them actually said "I tried that, it doesn't work for me, I just can't count calories" I may have pulled a muscle trying not to roll my eyes.

Funny, how things have changed.


  1. I'm glad there was a bright spot for you amongst all the sadness of dealing with a death of a close friend. It's always nice to hear the validation of "you look awesome!!" from people who haven't seen you in a long while.

    And as for the people who have tried eating clean and working out and it didn't work for them...L.O.L!

  2. I hope your eyes aren't sore from rolling anymore! Oh, I know...I still get that from people; everyone from the cashier at the supermarket noticing what I'm buying (or NOT buying) to the kids' teachers has insisted to me that they "try" to eat right/exercise, but "just can't lose weight." I'm tempted to just start saying I take TrimSpa or bought that electronic abs-building belt from the tv infomercial just to mess with them.

    Sorry about the loss of your friend/neighbor, Beth.

  3. Jenn & Norma: Thanks for the condolences.

    If we told people it was TrimSpa or the ab thing or whatever the latest infomercial fatbuster is, people would believe it! Not only would they believe it but they would run right out and buy it.

    I don't really get it. I always said I am fat because I eat crap and don't exercise. I never tried to pass it off on the thyroid problem or bad childhood or whatever excuse was handy. I'm fat. I own it, I take responsibility for it. That's a big part of the problem- no one wants to take responsibility for anything any more. Ack! Better stop before I get myself all irritated at work. As if I'm not irritated enough today.

    1. I forgot to say in my comment, 48 pounds is an AWESOME accomplishment & you have achieved it while dealing with more than your fair share of real life crap during those 16 weeks! So stay strong & keep it going & keep feeling great!

  4. Okay 48 pounds in 16 weeks rocks -- awesome job!!

  5. 48 pounds is AWESOME Beth!!!