Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time- Never Enough

Start weight: 317
Last Sunday's weigh in: 280
Total lost: 37 pounds

I thought I would have more time when tax season ended. Didn't really work out that way.

I had so much schoolwork that needs catching up on, it isn't funny. Schoolwork? Yup, I'm 42 and in college. Very long story short- worked same job for 13 years, worked my way up, got laid off. Turned out job I was doing (staff accountant) most employers want a degree. The economy was shit so my husband & I decided I would go to college. I got a job in a small accounting office. The classes I am in now end May 20 (I think). I just registered for my last three classes. They start June 1 and end August 25. Then I will be a bonafide accountant. (I can't say bonafide without thinking of "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" Bonus points if you know the line that comes after it.)

Then Bernice was not herself. Bernice is our Boxer mix. We got her from a rescue last April Fool's Day. She's around ten years old and had heart worm when we got her. My husband's father bred Boxers when my husband was a kid.  Kenny's (the husband) dad died when he was twelve. He has always wanted a dog but I am allergic. Last March a woman I went to high school with posted a picture of the most pathetically cute Boxer face on Facebook. She works with the rescue and they were looking for a new home for Bernice. It was serendipity. The cancer treatments had been taking a toll on him. When he saw the picture on Facebook he cracked the first smile I'd seen in a while. Anyway... Bernice has been with us for a little over a year now. Last weekend she wasn't herself- not eating, not wanting to walk much, no playing (or as my four year old calls it-jumbling). Her coat was getting thinner. Another long story short- vet visit, blood work- her thyroid levels are low. So glad it was something easily treatable.

So that's why I haven't been here.  Aren't you glad to know all this?

I weighed myself this morning. I weigh myself every morning- is this bad? I don't do it in an obsessive way, more like in an let's be on top of things way. This morning the scale was exactly the same as it was Sunday. Usually by this time in the week I am down 1.5 pounds or so. I'm hoping it is a combo of the salty ham last night and period time. I don't actually get a period, I had an ablation 1.5 years ago, so I don't keep track of when it is supposed to be here.

I have to get back to the homework now so I can be a bonafide accountant.


  1. I feel you about time. Never enough time!

    I respect you for going back to school. I had to leave college halfway through because of family issues ten years ago, and have not been able to go back since. I was on the Dean's List and everything. I hope to go back at some point, maybe in 5 years or so.

    You have a boxer?? So does my sister! They are so cute! I'm glad it was a minor issue!

    I am going through the same thing, so far this week I've only lost a pound, and my period is over. I'm not doing anything different diet or exercise wise. I guess some weeks are better than others for no apparent reason. Hey, maybe next week will be awesome! Anyway, we still have a couple of days left, who knows what could happen! :)

  2. Glad everything turned out okay with your dog!!!

    I'm sure the salty ham is affecting the scale this morning. I don't think it's bad that you weigh every day as long as you are not in a bad mood about it and allow for the normal fluctuations that will happen. Sounds like you are pretty even-keeled about the whole thing though.

    Good luck as you finish up this round of classes!!

  3. Rescue dogs are the best! One of our dogs has hypothyroid as well. He perked right back up after a week or two on the meds (the dosage may be tricky to get right; expect to have to adjust now & then but once it's right it works great). Weighing in every day is not obsessive, it's proactive. :)