Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tax Season- DONE

Tax season is over!

Now I have a crapton of sales tax quarterlies due by Friday, two exams tomorrow, and a backlog of general bookkeeping stuff that got shunted aside. No big deal on the bookkeeping, it will just keep me "normal" busy instead of "insane" busy.

At the end of business Friday, things will be back to normal. Or as normal as it gets around here anyway.

Time to step up the weight loss by getting in some exercise. The goal is minimum 30 minutes on the bike every day. I also want to check out some of the stuff you guys have been posting about exercise. I've bookmarked a bunch of home exercise that Norma, Susie, and others I can't think of right now have posted on their blogs.

Allan has challenged us to eat 1200 calories and drink 171 oz of fluid from Wed to Sun. I already had a plan for today that was around 1250 and I just stuck with that plan. I've been drinking between 160 & 170 oz for a while now so no big deal there.

Seven weeks into the challenge and I am down 32.5 pounds. There are eight weeks left and I would like to lose another 30 pounds.

Little one is calling me so I better cut this short.


  1. Woooo, tax season! ;) The Angry Trainer has a lot of great home workouts (mostly body weight exercises) on youtube:

  2. Wow - I remember when you guys started the challenge and it seems like just yesterday. I can't believe you lost 33lbs!!!! That is awesome!!!!! You will definitely hit your goal for the second half of the challenge, I know it!

    Norma does post some really great home work outs. They are friggin hard!!! But worth it. I'm glad things are going from insane to just busy. Hopefully you will get more time for yourself!

  3. Woot-woot! Now you can breathe again!

    You can definitely hit 30 more pounds! Good luck with the new exercise regime! :) :)