Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 3

Fluids: 150 oz
Calories: 1900

Fluids: 154 oz water
             27 oz unsweetened brewed iced tea
            I haven't spent this much time peeing since I was nine months pregnant!

Calories: 1158

2 granola bars 160 each
chicken salad sandwich 369
chicken & wild rice soup 200
chicken salad in a salad, light honey dijon dressing 269

This was a very crazy day. I am a bookkeeper in an accountant's office and this is our crazy season. Today was just non-stop, one issue after another. On top of the crazy job, I go to college full time to become an accountant.

I bought this six pound bag of frozen fruit at Costco. It has strawberries, honeydew, pineapple and peaches. I thought it would be a nice easy thing to throw in a container and take to work with me. Yesterday the fruit was still frozen but I ate the pieces anyway, trying to avoid my cold-sensitive tooth. Wasn't real thrilled with it that way. When I got home from work last night I put some of the fruit in the fridge so it would defrost and be ready when I got to work to eat it. That should solve the problem, right? No. The texture of that defrosted fruit was disgusting.  My husband and kids thought they were fine. I'm just going to eat them frozen and hope the fresh season gets here quick.

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  1. I eat an orange every single day now, waiting on fresh fruit and vegetables. I hate frozen fruit too.