Monday, April 2, 2012

Three More Down

Yesterday's weigh in- 290
I am now down 27 pounds!

I have to step it up though- SusieA is kicking my ass and I cannot have that!

My dad lent me his old exercise bike. It's this model but about 16 years old.

It's pretty cool, the big fan wheel produces a great breeze. I better get my fat ass on that thing.

Only 2 more weeks until tax season is over and midterm week begins. After that I should have more time for my life.


  1. Great job!!!!!!!!

    Love the vintage bike. I actually have one too, but from the 80's I think, got it on Craigslist LOL.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!!!!

  2. The Schwinn Airdyne! Or however it's spelled, LOL. Yeah, those'll kick your butt especially when they're a new challenge to your body. Enjoy :D And congrats on the loss!

  3. Tax season's gotta SUCK worse than I can imagine (I used to be an account specialist at a print/mail facility for financial reporting; 401Ks, mutual funds and big big I had a similar crazy couple of days every quarter-end) and it goes on forever and then you have a-holes like me who pretend it's not happening and wait for their befuddled CPA to call them on like April 8 and ask them if they intend to file this year and who show up at said poor CPA's office with a shopping bag full of scraps of paper on April 9...but I digress.

    My point was: If you're using yogurt as your go-to food to survive the crush, you could be doing a lot worse. ;)