Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We still do not have power. And now we have a nor'easter coming our way.

My neighbor got a robocall last night saying we have to evacuate by 6:00 tonight. I didn't get the call because my phone is through Comcast so no power = no phone. I called the police station for confirmation. When I told the cop we've never flooded he said it is up to us if we leave. We are a few long blocks from the river and it would have to rise even higher than it did during the hurricane to get to us.

I'll bring the girls to my parent's or brother's and go back and put stuff up high just in case.

I have a headache.


  1. Just shaking my head, Beth. My ex & his family on LI are also still w/out power and expecting more bad weather, plus there's been looting in their area so they are afraid to go stay elsewhere. I can't believe how bad it is down your way. Thinking of you, hoping things improve very soon. :(

  2. Oh my! That's too much! Praying for you guys and hoping everyone stays safe and dry.

  3. I hope that you were okay with the latest storm and that you have power by now.

  4. I'm glad this scare turned out not to be so serious. I hope you have power back by now and are on your way to getting back to life as normal.