Friday, September 7, 2012

Busy Week

Quick check in.

Daisy started Head Start Tuesday. She loved it! She was excited to go every single day. I know this because she told me multiple times each night how excited she was.

Eliza started fourth grade on Wednesday. My friends informed me she got the teacher everyone hopes to get. She is also excited, maybe not as excited as her sister, but still excited.

The oldest, in response to my text asking how things were going, said "Good". 

Ken's procedure got moved from today to Sept 21. Good because I wasn't looking forward to going to Philly today. Bad because he just wants thing done.

I am in the thick of my last two classes. Cannot wait to be done!

I will be hosting Thanksgiving this year. More on that another time.

On plan for the challenge. Haven't been posting my food since it's pretty much the same every day. Eggs, salad with grilled chicken, beef/chicken with veg or salad, apple, pear. No thinking required, just the way I like it.

Slight problem: I'm sooo constipated. I'll leave it at that. But, damn...

Note to my tribe:
If I ever get wishy washy, you only live once, have some chocolate, I am more than a number, it's ok to have a cheat meal/day/week please, please slap me upside the head and tell me to get my ass on track!!


  1. LOL...I don't think you have a wishy-washy cell left in your brain, Beth. You're hardcore!

    My kids had no school yesterday b/c of primary elections and at 8:30pm, a half hour early, my younger one announced she was going up to bed so morning would come faster, because she couldn't wait to go back to school on Friday...I'll take it!

    Hope all continues to go well w/school for them (and you) and what's up w/the constipation? If there's something you can mix ground flaxseed into (I put 1 tbs in my protein shakes now, but I used to put it in yogurt or oatmeal), it does work wonders. And it's a source of Omega 3s!

    1. My oldest always loved school, I never had to drag her out of bed. I hope the younger two continue to like it.

      I don't know what's up with the constipation but I have about had enough of it. I'm going to grab some senna tea and maybe some prunes tomorrow. The challenge will just have to accommodate them!

  2. You are always busy it seems!! I'm happy things are going well, and that you like the Challenge!

    Regarding your note, ditto for me :)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Challenges bring out my competitive nature so I find they help me. The trouble will come when there isn't a challenge!

  3. Here's what you do for the constipation - senna tea. I drink some every day and no worries. Now - a word of caution. DO NOT DRINK A FULL STRENGTH CUP to start out with. You will not be able to hold it (ask me how I know). Here is what I do. I take a quart jar and put two senna tea bags in and two green tea bags in (or a tea of your choice). This will brew 4 cups of 1/2 strength tea. Drink one cup a day and sometimes I add stevia and a little milk if you like. I get mine at Meijer where the herbal teas are (pharmacy area at my store) and sometimes it is called herbal laxative or smooth move - read the label for the senna - that's it. I'm telling you this works. Let me know how this all comes out (yuk, yuk). Regarding your note, I will just slap the shit out of you (I crack myself up)Take care.

    1. Agree! I drink a cup of senna tea every night after dinner, I always forget to recommend it, though.

    2. Myra, you crack me up too!!