Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Manic Monday

Last week: 258
This week: 258

No change, no excuses.

Friday Kenny had the endoscopy to see what was up with the trouble he has swallowing. No tumor! Of course that was the big thing we were worried about even though we didn't say it out loud. Cuz, you know, if you don't say it, it won't be true.

He does have some widening of the esophagus and some thickening in other places. This is all a by-product of the radiation. There isn't anything they can do about it but they also don't think it will get any worse. He just has to be careful about chewing his food really well and noting what gives him trouble and avoiding it. Thank God.

Next stop, the oncologist. I forget when that appointment is.

Oddly busy at work today so I have to boogie.


  1. So happy for your good news. I hope the oncologist appointment goes well.

  2. I saw your comment on the "busy moms" comment over at Grand Ctrl Station and LOL'd; thank you for being the crazy voice of reason...

    I'm glad you didn't get any concerning news at the appointment and I am a huge subscriber of the "if we don't mention it, it doesn't exist" ostrich theory when faced with possible bad news. ;)