Thursday, August 30, 2012

You Say It's Your Birthday

It's my birthday! Hoo-freaking-ray! Forty-three years ago today the world was graced with my presence. This morning I got the birthday present of two pounds down on the scale since Monday!

Just because it is my birthday does not mean I will be going off the rails today. Breakfast is the usual eggs. Lunch is the usual salad with grilled chicken. Dinner is special tonight.

Your birthday dinner should be special. And you shouldn't have to do clean up. What's the special dinner? Shrimp and salad. Plain boiled shrimp and a nice green salad. Some people may think that's kind of a sucky special dinner but some people do not know how much I love shrimp. There will also be no chance of gorging on the shrimp because there is just enough for everyone.

For those spouses, partners, family, and friends who have loved ones who are trying to lose weight:

I understand you want to do something special for them on their birthday. Here is how you do it:

"Honey, I know tomorrow is your birthday. I know you are also trying to be healthier. What should we do about cake? I don't want you to go off track but we want to celebrate too."

Then the fatty should respond, "Let's get one of those fruit plates from the store."

My husband asked what he should do, what an amazing,  supportive guy!

I have to also mention though that in the 14 years we have been together, he has never once bought me a birthday cake. Not for my 30 or 40. Last year I had a cake because I bought it. So my first response wasn't really "get a fruit plate". My first response was "What difference does it make, you've never gotten a cake before?" My second response was "get a fruit plate". But that story isn't as awww inspiring as the first one.  He is still a very supportive guy.

My point is, your birthday isn't a reason to eat crap if you have a ton of weight to lose. Paleo cakes included! I would rather have more birthdays than die sooner of an obesity related illness. Celebrations aren't about food and we need to stop making them revolve around food.

Have a happy my birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! What about...fruitcake??:p~

  2. Happy Birthday Beth. It's a very good sign that you now understand that celebration doesn't have to mean gorging on unhealthy food. Good job. May many more 2 lb. birthday presents be in your future. FYI - every few years my birthday is on Thanksgiving day and I always say that when I was born they gave thanks and named a holiday for me. :-)

  3. Happy Birthday Beth!! So glad you are not going off plan for your birthday! Sounds like you have figured out a lot of things. A fruit plate sounds wonderful! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and congrats on the 2 lb loss! What a wonderful birthday present.

  4. Back when food was scarce and stores were few and far between and cars and credit cards didn't exist, sure: food was part of celebration because it was a very rare thing to have an abundance. This all ended probably in the 1950s as supermarkets proliferated, most families had a car and packaged cake mix and frozen dinner became we have too much of everything, available all the time, cheap as hell. Celebration food isn't even special anymore.

    But enough doom and gloom! Beth is going to have a fun birthday doing what really counts: hanging with her family -- and having an awesome healthy dinner that she loves! Happy Birthday, Beth!

  5. Happy Birthday Beth! And great job with approaching the birthday eats!! Proud of you! I need to remember these thoughts when mine rolls around.

    Enjoy your special shrimp dinner ;)

  6. Happy Birthday, Beth, What a great post for your birthday!!! Well done on your success. Thank you for visiting my blog, it is really good to meet you.

  7. Happy birthday Beth! And what a fabulous birthday gift to yourself! Two pounds down:)

  8. Happy Birthday, Beth!!!

    Keep on winning Allan's challenge!!

  9. Happy Birthday good luck on the diet