Monday, August 13, 2012

Continued Craziness

Another crazy week behind me and two more in front of me.

First: Weigh in: 254 which is a two pound gain. Let's just say there was no Constant Vigilance.

Ken update: Have I told you about his swallowing problem? He can feel full way too fast or sometimes have to vomit in the middle of dinner. He had a barium swallow last Thursday. Turns out his esophagus starts out going straight down, then bulges out and goes back to straight down. The food is making a pit stop in this bulge which causes a feeling of fullness or if enough gets caught, can make it the food come right back up. He has to see a gastro doc. He has to call for this appointment today.

Friday he will have the bronchoscopy. We have to be in Philly at 7am. So we'll be leaving the house at 5. I am so not a morning person. I'm not worried about over sleeping. I figure I'll be so wound up I just won't sleep at all.

Let me tell you, I am so anxious about this test. I think I may be more anxious about this than I was when they did majorly invasive surgery and removed his lung. If there is cancer present there just isn't too much they can do for him. So, ahh, fuck. I have to stop talking about this right now. I'm pretty sure you guys can figure out what I'm thinking and feeling right now.

Bad segue:

A week from today, I have to move the oldest back to college. She is a Resident Assistant so she goes back earlier than the rest of the students. Since it is a Fall semester there will also be Freshman orientation. I'll miss her because she's my kid and I like her. Her sisters will REALLY miss her. But a twee part of me will be glad she is going back. Unnecessary drama seems to be her super power sometimes.

Also this week is preschool orientation for my baybeee. We were able to get her in to Head Start and I am so happy for this. We weren't sure if she would get in because we were a few hundred dollars over the income limit. She is so excited to go to school!

My other Summer class ends two weeks from this past Saturday and my final two classes start two weeks from today. I would love to just bang out my last few assignments, take the final and be DONE. I will probably be working right up to the midnight deadline with the way my schedule is looking.

Was hoping to be able to take a couple of days off from work to relax but they got sucked up with medical procedures and moving day. Oh well, I'll be done with school in November and will get a huge chunk of time back when that happens.

Better get back to work now.


  1. Fingers crossed that whatever's going on w/Ken turns out to be no big deal with an easy fix. Thanks for updating, too, in the midst of your chaos! Keep calm and carry on....

  2. I hope it all turns out okay for Ken!! Keep us posted!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    I hope that everything goes smoothly with the upcoming medical procedures.

  4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, sending you good vibes and sending prayers to the Universe for you and your family - I'm covering all the bases :)


  5. Beth, hang in there. My fingers are crossed for you and Ben. I can't even imagine the stress.