Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Days 13 - 16

The food was pretty much the same as it has been for the first twelve days. Minor variations.

This weekend I was so exhausted. I was good during the day but 8:00 came and I was Done. I couldn't figure it out until I had a duh moment. Duh, it's 12,000 degrees out and you've been running around. Duh, it's period time. Duh, just duh. I stopped keeping track of periods after I had an ablation two years ago. If I'm not bleeding, why bother keeping track? It's probably a good idea to keep track just so I have a ready defense for when I beat the crap out of my husband for being a douche bag.

Can't think of a good segue here...

My mother called during dinner last night and asked, "What can I eat on a burger?"


"On this Whole 30, what can I eat on a burger? Ketchup, mustard, relish?"

"It can't have sugar and knowing what condiments you use I'd have to say just mustard. You're doing the Whole 30?"

"I'm going to give it a shot. Just a week."

"Great! I hope you commit to the 30 though for the best results. And Ma? Really commit to it, you're only cheating yourself if you half-ass it."

I really hope my mother isn't my real life TBTW.


  1. ;-) Points to her for giving it a shot and asking questions. You get some rest, enjoy the holiday, and remember, just his being a douchebag is a good enough excuse.

  2. Real life TBTW! So funny!!

  3. This is kinda funny to me at the moment because I literally flipped out on my husband saturday night and in my head I was all "WTF is wrong with me?" The sunday morning aunt flow decided to drop by and explain everything that had occurred the night before. It made me happy that i'm not actually insane.