Sunday, July 8, 2012

19 - 21 or Blowing the Whole 30

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Food was spot on!

We went to our annual BBQ on Saturday. It was hot as hell. I can't wait until next summer when I will be more comfortable with my body that I will wear shorts. Yeah, I wore jeans. I had on a pair of capris but I've lost so much weight they were too baggy to wear.

I did great with food. I knew there would be plenty of fruits & veg (we brought them). I was fixing plates for the kids and made a comment about this yummy looking dip not being on my plan. A woman said something like oh there's no diets at parties. I had a slight moment of panic that I was going to have to justify myself to someone I just met. Not that I am overly concerned what other people think but I hate the feeling, real or imagined, that someone is judging me. Anyway... I said, "I'm 20 days into a 30 day thing and I don't want to blow it." She said, "Whole 30?" Can you imagine how psyched I was that I didn't need to explain the whole thing?

We had a conversation about how much weight I've lost, how I'm doing on the Whole 30, her generally primal diet, Crossfit, boot camps and spin classes. It was great. Somehow that conversation and her encouragement made it even easier to decline all of the dips, chips, mayo based salads, deviled eggs, cheese, and buns.

Let's talk booze. My husband is a recovering alcoholic. We don't keep any alcohol in the house and I very rarely drink. I detest beer. My sister has tried to get me to like wine but it just hasn't stuck; I just can't stand the stuff. I like wine cooler & cooler-like things. I also like the hard stuff. My Irish grandmother introduced me to drinks like the Old Fashioned, Tom Collins, dirty martini, and when to not sully a good liquor with water. On Saturday when I was offered a beer several times I had no problem saying no. When we were going around saying our goodbyes, the host had broken out a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey. I said, "Oh sure break out the good stuff just as I'm leaving." "Here, have a shot." No need to twist my arm. Then my husband said, "Go ahead, have another." He just doesn't understand- liquor isn't necessary, I'm a sure thing. We toasted to Irish woman and I had another one.  Halfway home I said, "Oh crap! I wasn't supposed to have alcohol on the Whole 30!"

I blew the Whole 30. It might be the wrong thing but I am going to continue on  until my thirty days are up. I hardly ever drink alcohol so I really didn't keep telling myself no alcohol the way I tell myself no cheese, no yogurt, no Diet Coke. Next time I do it I will be sure to remind myself no booze.

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  1. I think you are right to just continue on with the Whole30. It's not like you blew it because you got a #1 Supersized from McDs. You had a drink because you got caught up in the moemnt and forgot. Big whoop.

    Doing the Whole30 is a total learning experiment - next time you are offered alcohol you will be more mindful of it because of this experience.

    Keep rockin' that food. You are doing awesome and inspiring me to stay on a clean diet track myself :)