Sunday, February 26, 2012

Begin Again

There it is. This is the heaviest I have ever been. A week and a half, two weeks ago, I stumbled across Allan's blog. I read some of his archives and some of the links. Then Allan posted about a weight loss challenge and I sent him an email telling him a bit about myself and joined up. I'm just going to post that email here so everyone has an introduction to me:

Hi Allan,

A few days a go, I stumbled across your blog, I read your stuff and some of the blogs you link to. I was glad to see your Challenge post today; I think it is just what I need.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Beth, I am 42, live in New Jersey with my husband and three daughters (ages 21, 9 and 4). I am 5'10" and weigh 314. I would be the first to say I am fat because I eat lots of crap and don't exercise. Over the last few years I have said I'm going to lose but have gained instead. I have even bitched about it on my blog- Ice Cream Mama (yeah, I shit you not). My friends have said things like- 'don't beat yourself up'  'you have a lot going on'  'don't worry so much'.

Your blog really spoke to me. I like the way you tell it like it is and don't say things like 'don't beat yourself up'. I like that you have common sense. It seems as if the people who think you are an asshole are those who don't want the truth but the other people are successful in losing weight and getting healthy.

The post that really caught my attention was the recent one where you compare fat and cancer. Why? My husband has cancer. He was diagnosed with Stage 3b lung cancer in June 2010. He had chemo and radiation and went into remission. The cancer came back in September 2011. His right lung was removed in October 2011. He is doing ok right now but the five year survival rate is only 15%, add in the emphysema and who knows. We are hopeful but we also have to be realistic. So with the odds against my husband, I must lose weight and get healthy. My children need to have at least one healthy parent.

So I have to make some changes. I set up a new blog, I did not want to talk about weight loss on a blog with ice cream in the title so it wouldn't come off as if ice cream was good for a diet.

I set up a My Fitness Pal account as NJBeth.

And I would like to join your challenge.  My current weight is 314. My goal weight is 170.

I look forward (?) to doing this challenge with everyone.


I am determined to lose weight and get healthy. It would be nice to win a stay in the city, but I'll take a smaller, healthier body. I look forward to loosing weight with you all.

My sister-in-law took these pictures of me today (Sunday). She said I look miserable; we had been laughing prior to this but the thought of taking my picture made me feel like crap and it shows on my face.


  1. so excited you are doing this.. Allan is a great guy like I told you.. be prepared though ... he is very straight forward and excuses do not fly with him.. which is great.. your attitude at least to me is spot on wishing you much much luck...

  2. The best of luck to you. Love your honesty:)